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Best Sea Salt Caramels – for devops :)

Authentic Caramels – a journey beyond perfection. Perfection is about being authentic. That’s why we combined old traditions with young ideas. We wanted to define the most authentic caramel ever and combined old-world techniques together with the purity of true deep nature. We extracted the finest salt from the depth of the atlantic ocean and melted it into longtime caramelized sugar. The result is a golden caramel with a luxurious texture and an all senses touching taste.

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Top 24 DevOps Interview Questions.

A job interview is not an interrogation, as we all know. Your new boss just wants to get to know you better. He wants to know who you are and what kind of experience you have before he will make a decision whether he hires you or not. Instead of setting you in QA-mode, show your passion and that you’re 100% dedicated to devops. Tell about yourself and tell about your last projects before he will. Deliver answers to some important questions he might ask you. Here’re some frequently asked devops interview questions you can prepare for.


3 Valuable DevOps Lessons I Learned From My Kids.

As your children grow up and as you spend more time together as with anybody else, there’s a big chance they’ll teach you something big and valuable. I work as a DevOps Engineer and I am amazed about how much great lessons they taught me that I can use for my daily DevOps-job. Being a role model in DevOps, being aware of psychological safety in DevOps and knowing about what the effect of immediate disturbances in DevOps are, are all lessons they taught me.

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The Future of Container Technology

Yesterday, before year 2000, developers coded, tested and deployed their code into test and production, all by themselves. Most companies, especially the smaller ones, didn’t have the capacity to hire extra people doing only operations. Later on, they hired those “Operations” people anyway, responsible for putting code into production. A new problem was created. They build huge walls between development and operations, communication became hard and almost impossible. Time to market went down, people became frustrated and quality got bad.


How cAdvisor Keeps Your Device or Resource Busy.

Imagine a setup of tenth of Docker containers on a single host. At some point you’ll want to kill containers because you want to update them or something. Then you run the delete-command, right? Not in our case. docker rm -f CONTAINER_NAME


Docker Container Management with Rancher 1.0 – My First Impressions

Today I got the opportunity to test Rancher 1.0, a new container management platform announced a couple of days ago. My first impression was great. Rancher 1.0 looks clean, professional and well structured. It lets you do whatever you want with your containers from its dashboard and it also has an API.

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DevOps Was Never About Trust or Friendship – My Opinion.

Many DevOps enthusiasts-me included-claim that DevOps is about trust, but it’s not. DevOps is about collaboration and automation. As Adrian Bridgwater (@ABridgwater) put it: “I don’t trust you and I’m not even sure I like you”.  How can we trust each other when we work in different teams and in different countries. Maybe we’ll never even meet?